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iTalent Academy

Where Knowledge is Power... and We Empower YOU

ITalent Academy − the brainchild of Talent Discoveri, is one of the company’s latest initiatives. This institution aims to develop well rounded and skilled individuals, who will be trained to excel in their chosen fields. iTalent offers a series of interactive and engaging workshops that provide tailor made solutions through training and development for all sectors.

iTalent started as an initiative to add value to the Human Resource Industry. It is done by tracing back to the roots and honing an individual’s skill set to help them perform to the best of their abilities. It also caters to organizational effectiveness and team building activities within corporations. The most valuable addition is to the Education sector where trained industry professionals conduct seminars for aspiring students on the brink of entering the corporate world.

Mentoring Process

The Mentoring process is carefully constructed to address three vital elements:

Discover − Acquiring the right talent isn’t just about checking off the list, it’s about finding skilled individuals perfectly suited to fit, adapt and grow in the job.

Educate − Education is elevating information to knowledge. iTalent is the platform designed to empower people, to rise to the top and ensures a smooth transition. For mid level and new executives, this initiative allows for propelled adaptation into the new profile. It also enables students to acclimatize with rapid changes in the fast paced corporate world.

Train − Development is an inevitable process, but optimum development is a product, of a carefully curated training program. iTalent training programs ensure long term stability, uninterrupted transitions, and the right attitude for lifelong learning.

iTalent − Training & Development

The iTalent − Education, Training & Development program is the brainchild of Talent Discoveri. This program provides all round training to candidates by honing their skill set, educating them about developments in the insurance industry and laying a foundation of knowledge and skill for a long term career prospect in any company. The iTalent Operates on a G.R.O.W model where Goal, Reality, Option and Will are channeled to provide structure and focus to address a candidate’s unique requirements. The iTalent module focuses on practical learning that would give the candidate firsthand experience of tasks as opposed to being restricted to theoretical knowledge. The training program is centered on Client Relationship Management, Product Training, Regulatory Exam Workshops and Soft Skills Training. The practical navigation through these modules will guarantee a successfully trained and well rounded candidate

iTalent Products

Soft Skills Training

Fulfilling the checklist of all the right technical skills is just not enough in today’s competitive environment. One’s ability to communicate effectively, coexist in a community and resolve conflict amicably marks the difference between an average employee and a potential leader. iTalent offers a unique module in Soft Skills training that will groom individuals to realize their full potential. The program is available to:

  • Students at University
  • Entry Level Employees

The structure of the seminar allows for flexibility and modifications to suit the needs of any specific sector. Our trained experts will help foster strong individuals who will contribute to building an even stronger community.

Learnership Module

Talent Discoveri − The parent company of iTalent, was set up by members of the Insurance Industry who believe in giving back to the community, where they gained a lifetime of experience. The Learnership module is an educational initiative, providing functional knowledge of Insurance products and service to aspiring students. Combining the functional knowledge from Learnership, with Soft Skills from the training program, iTalent has set out to mould each block to lay a strong foundation, for the Insurance sector to flourish.


Developing young talent to grow in their field is the first step to building a successful foundation. However grooming the mid and senior level management, to raise the bar of their predecessors, is an equally important to propel the company to the next level. The innovators program is an executive leadership module, offered to members with 10-15 years work experience in their chosen fields. This exclusive leadership program has been designed to "Discover the DNA of Future Leaders" churning the cre

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