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Executive Search

The firm assigns a specialized recruiter, exclusively for the client. The recruiter devotes their time to understand the client’s requirements, climate of the company and culture of its employees before short listing candidates for the position. The recruiter also meticulously follows up with the candidates, assisting them through every step of the way. They personalize an otherwise automated process by wishing the candidate on their birthdays, anniversary and joining date at the new firm, building a long term relationship of trust. Their attention to the finer details and precision in work style makes Talent Discoveri one of the youngest, yet fierce competitors in the recruitment sector.

CV critique

An exceptional CV is an important tool to create a strong first impression on potential employers or recruiters. With hundreds of CVs to plough through, a prospective employer or recruiter may spend as little as 30 seconds looking at each CV. Our CV Critique service will identify aspects of your application that stand out and work with you to reframe.

Key Highlights of the Service

  • It will include exhaustive review of the resume, including its content & styling, to highlight the key credentials effectively.
  • Consulting experts in the industry to review essentials to be included in the CV.
  • Recommendations to fine tune to the final layout of the CV to ensure its immediate appeal in a stack of standard CVs.

Interview Preparation

Once a candidate receives a call for an interview, they have moved a few steps closer to securing the job. However the crucial interview process could make or break a candidate’s appeal on paper. Preparing for the interview is a very crucial process that involves scrupulous planning, research and confidence. Talent Discoveri’s Interview Preparation program is conducted by professionals with years of credible experience in recruitment. They ensure the candidate pays attention to aspects that would allow them to elevate the impression made on the employers and recruiters.

  • CV Critique

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