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“Confidence comes not from always being right,

But from not fearing to be wrong”

-Meghna Sharma


CONFIDENCE- Some are born with it, Some have to work on it.

Well I come in the latter. Over a period of time I realized that this is not true. Confidence is the outcome of thoughts we have in our mind and the actions we take. It is not based on our ability to succeed but on our belief to succeed.

I lack confidence. I’m an introvert. I feel inferior. Its not that I lack intelligence or I don’t have my point of view, everything is clear in my mind but somehow I am not able to convey it. I feel lack of confidence makes me weak and it’s a drawback for me. I am sure that I am not alone in this battle.

Till date I find it difficult to speak in front of an audience or learn something new. I know that confidence is an integral part of our life. It is boosted when we experience a win or receive a  praise and the same confidence is buried when we are criticized or rejected or not appreciated.

I am trying to help myself to build the confidence needed to overcome my fear of facing challenges and achieve my goals. I have a few things in my mind to overcome this.

The most powerful way to build confidence is to act with the confidence one aspires to have.

 You need to come out of your comfort zone. The only way to build self confidence is to take risk without the fear of failure. If things work out, you know you can do more than you think and this will boost your confidence. And if things don’t work out you always have an experience or learning.

·      Focus on things that inspire you and you will feel more powerful. 

·      Focus on things that you would love to make happen.

·      Surround yourself with people who value you &  your thoughts.

Some things you should avoid:

·      Overcome your negative self image.

·      Stop comparing yourself to others.

·      Think positively about yourself. Do more of things you enjoy.

·      Do things that you have been ignoring or trying to run off from.

·      Stop self pity.

That’s exactly what I am going to do for a better version of myself and my life.

TAKE CONTROL, BE INSPIRED, EXERCISE (it gives adrenaline rush)

I have started this, when will you??


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