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Peer Pressure-Can make or break your future



Peer Pressure-Can make or break your future

-Sera Pinto

In the society where we all feel “pressure” from people we’ve never even met! The reason peer pressure is so hard to overcome is because we want to be liked and admired by others. It is very obvious for everyone to look for their peers and colleagues for help and support. While peers can be very helpful in solving our problems to a certain extent so somehow we get influenced in taking a wrong decision. Believe it or not, not all peer pressure is bad! There’s always such a thing as positive peer pressure.

Though peer pressure is very tricky to handle it, usually keeps people on the front to do better than the last time and improve. Everyone has opinions which they would like other people to share. Peer Pressure if not positive can be tricky to handle. At early stage of life especially in school & college year peer pressure can be quite strong and can deepen inner strength and self confidence if not addressed. Human nature to join Bandwagon usually creates this pressure. Courage and mindfulness to resist and understand difference between negative and positive peer pressure is the key. This pressure is not always direct or obvious. It can usually be indirect, which if one responds wisely can make you stronger.  

Some communities are better than others. Positive peer pressure is pressure to be a good person, pressure to do well. If everyone else does it, even you end up doing the same thing other people will follow because they don’t want to look weird. Although we typically think of peer pressure as a negative thing, it can be a positive when peers pressure takes you towards positive goals.

All in all, it will exist & while negative peer pressure can be avoided and turn into positive peer pressure. We should be aware at every stage of life to set them on a right path.

I would like to conclude by this quote that sums it all up,

“Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others. It’s our differences that make us UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL”


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