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We and Us are important Then you or I



We and us are important  Then  you or I

-Akanksha Dhingra

When I thought about this topic first thing came to my mind was my team  Talent Discoveri . We keep on hearing about team building activity, importance of it but we don’t realize the importance of  “We  “ VS “ Me “ I believe that success is usually from people or team with similar courage and minds too great products , business , career comes from we not I.

Collaboration and good camaraderie  is answer to successful  business and life. Closer to home, I believe from childhood whether its your sibling or later spouse or children , It’s a team that can get brake your journey called life worth living. A large look @ life diversity is an essential need and people from different background, grace when collaborate creativity and innovation is born.

As a child we learned “ United we stand “ Today one realises that this holds truth in every walk of life. Alone in path of animosity greed  one achieves nothing.

“ We “ and “Us “ are indeed important as a parting thought while you give importance to individuality don’t forget group success.


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