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Positive Attitude-makes you a winner



Positive Attitude-makes you a winner

                                                               -Neha Mendon

Every day we hear people asking to be positive and loads of articles to support the same which sometimes one pushed and feels cliché . All articles improving your mood, confidence reduce stress sounds great but what does this “power of positive thinking” actually mean or does it. Just positive imaginary self talk or general optimism . Well lets first look at human behaviour usually in tough times, its human tendency to get retracted to negative rather than think the other way . Questions like “what ifs” clogs our mind and makes us create a negative bubble around us .This feeling sinks us to further depression   

Lets first follow steps –if you actually want effective thinking and be more positive.

·      Breathe – Pranayam and yoga can calm you and reduce your stress by half. Studies say usually situation is not as bad as we assume.

·      Start your day with positive affirmation – Focus on good things this sets tone for the day.

·      Half your battle is won when you focus on good things and train your mind to do the same.

·      Find positive people (co-worker,friends,family etc) -when you surround yourself by positive people you will definitely set different outlook in life.

·      Smile little more,it helps.

·      Most important count your blessings –it just replaces negativity with positivity.

Last thoughts in order to turn the mind towards positive ,some inner work is refined and remember nothing changes overnight.



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