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Think Simple Now



Think Simple Now

-Alisha Mani

Many times in life we actually forget where we are heading to and what  is the goal that one wants to accomplish but cannot find the time to start? It might be something trivial, one has to understand what is keeping you from moving towards your desired destination?

 We have several such targets in our lives that we often think about, but rarely take action upon. It may be a new years resolution that one starts with so much of gusto and then skips on, until the next time, the guilt creeps back into our minds. I like to think of myself as a pretty disciplined and motivated person – I mean, I write about this stuff! But, something about this particular target has been very psychologically challenging for me to take consistent action on and I want to understand it. Overcoming the mental blocks and actually taking action towards this outcome should be our main focus.  The point of this article isn’t just about from achieving a goal, and applying them to other areas of our lives. The main reason is to do an analysis of ‘Why it Didn’t Work Out’ and to look back at the several failed attempts. Which is when, I realized that I didn’t have enough reasons to keep myself motivated, thus I wasn’t fully committed to making the change. Here are some observations:

1. Excuse: “I don’t have enough time”

We generally assume that we are working too much and simply do not have any time at all, which is actually the biggest lie Well, I’ve come to learn that “I don’t have the time” is the biggest lie we can tell ourselves to justify for the lack of action towards activities that can sometimes significantly improve the quality of our lives.  We don’t have time for things, until we create time for these things. If something is important enough to us, we will find the time, regardless of how busy we are

2. Language, Focus & Priority

Focus on your goal that ‘should be’ “I should go jogging”.When something is a should, it is wishful thinking, and we don’t get it done. When something is a must, it becomes a priority that deserves our attention. Because the target was a should, I never gave it the focused attention necessary for it to become a reality. Sometimes, the best motivators are the ones we find when we hit a personal low point. When  clarity is threatened, one starts to take notice.

OPA is a trick  picked up from Tony Robbins, which when applied, will assist us in achieving the results we desire. It stands for:

Outcome (O) – Having a clear vision.

Purpose (P) – Focus on results and purpose.

Action (A) – Create a massive action plan for meaningful results.

O- Outcome

Most of us have vague ideas on what we want. We know roughly the direction we want to go, but because we aren’t clear on the vision of our destination, we get pushed into whichever direction the wind is blowing. Without a vision, we will obsess over “the how”, and will often overanalyze and fail to take action.


Knowing what we want isn’t enough to give us the push towards massive action. We must know why we want it. Why is it important that we achieve our desired result? When we achieve this outcome, what will it bring us?


Armed with your clear vision of the outcome and with the burning reasons why it is important to you, come up with an action plan for achieving the results you seek. Once you have your action plan, take one small action immediately. Then commit yourself towards taking some action regularly towards your target. Regardless of how small the action may seem, it will move you one step closer to your outcome, and help build the momentum you will need to reach your destination.

One should focus on one target at a time, as when we try to focus on many results at the same time we rarely succeed. But if we set our mind on one thing at a time we can devote our undivided attention and throw in all our energy into a single result. When cultivating a new habit consistency is the key. It dosen’t depend on the quality, one should bring out the fun ingredient. We are the ultimate author of our life story. Within each of us, we hold the power to change anything in our lives, and in doing so, experience more joy and fulfillment. Lasting change starts with a change in the way we think – a clear vision for our desired results, meaningful reasons why we must have them, and building momentum towards massive action to make our visions a reality.

 ‘The moment we decide to change. Instead of thinking about it, and silently beating ourselves for not, just get up and do it. I just did it. It was beautiful!’

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the author of the article.Examples cited are simply illustrative. All content provided on this blog is for informational purpose only.


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