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How To Win The Mindset Game?



How To Win The Mindset Game?
Sharon Ferrao

The game of the mind is a complex one. Between the hustle and bustle of your trafficking thoughts and the intricacy of your emotions you often lose grip of right decision making however you need to learn to throw the right cards on the table.

You must have come across the saying “You become what you think” Imagine your mind to be a garden, the seeds are your thoughts, sunlight and water are your feelings and actions, the tree is your life and last of all the fruit is your outcome in life. Whatever you plant in your mind will eventually manifest in the outside world. You have the authority to choose the seed, give it ample amount of water and sunlight and in its time the seed will eventually manifest into a giant strong tree. Good seeds- good trees- good fruits and vice versa.

If your outcome is bad you may say that you don’t choose the seeds, they uncontrollably happen to get planted in your mind. It’s like these impulsive negative recurring thoughts just automatically happen and there is nothing you can do to control them. If your mind is a garden then it will grow weeds and what do we do with weeds? We pluck them out. What I mean is that you need to get a grip on your mind!

Here is a secret; people who have achieved the highest amount of success in their life have adapted a basic ritual – self-discipline of the mind.  Through their personal power, their mind has been reprogrammed in a direction where even their impulsive thoughts are more flamboyant and positive leading them to make healthy decisions in life.

The good news is that we all have the power to master our minds in a more competent way but to accomplish that we first need to understand how our thoughts work. Why do we get these impulsive negative recurring thoughts? Your brain is your friend and is a clever one too. It loves to optimize itself to avoid a whole course of thinking. In case you come across a challenge that seems familiar, your brain will immediately signal you to flee in order to protect you.  For example, in the past, if you were put into a situation where you embarrassed yourself during public speaking, your brain will constantly bring back those thoughts during your next public interaction.  Your brain naturally tries to make life easy by giving you the easiest route to flee from difficulties. However, most times choosing to focus on these instant thoughts does not lead to healthy decisions. Obsessing on a negative thought seals it somewhere in the back of your brain and during difficult decision making, your brains immediately brings those thoughts before you.  The positive aspect is that we can use the same skill set to bring positive approaches in life, programming our brain to automatically think of the best positive outcome of those situations. Let’s get back to the example of public speaking, you can bring thoughts like why did you embarrass yourself at that point? What did you learn from it? Visualize yourself to avoid the same mistake, in fact visualize yourself being excellent this time and keep a hold on that thought constantly.

Resift the gears of your mind by giving attention to the positive alternative instead of obsessing over the negative impulses. Force your brain to think about the positive outcome, elaborate it, and visualize it until you have a personal control on the direction of your thoughts.

The best way is to settle for a while and dive within your thoughts, analyze what you’re thinking and navigate through why these thoughts have occurred. In due course you will learn to take charge of your thoughts and eventually of your actions. Playing the mind-set game is easy, to choose the seed is your authority, to nurture it is your responsibility. You can choose to divert attention from the weeds and focus on the seeds merely within the elements of your personal power. 


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