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-Alefiya  Balasinorwala

Sounds like some preps for every beginner! While some may go read this further out of curiosity, few home cooks may think there is some hidden recipe to suit their taste buds.

Well, let me say a “YES”, as well as “NO”! Especially to those who are ready to go out there and fly. YES, because there is a food for thought, NO, since there are no fixed ingredients to this.

We are always asked one serious question, ‘Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years from now?”

Secretly but honestly we all laugh at it, loud from within wondering why it was so important to plan, then plan and reach our goals-short term, long term and intermediate one’s and then work yourself to it up the ladder, chasing what you had imagined to be 5 years back as a college pass out, to 5 years now as still “yeah, one more try, I’m still getting there, just a little time more” and so on.

Let’s ask them in return a serious question, “Do plans really work out? Life’s circumstances that are ever-changing make you deviate from your goals?”

Those questions they asked us are mere guidelines that bring us back on track when we get derailed. But that isn’t the only route.

We humans just beat ourselves up to such a great extent that we are stressed if targets or goals are not met, if things don’t go as we had “planned/imagined” it to be, and we let go of living each moment of the beautiful day God has blessed us with. How often do we really spend time admiring the perfection in God’s creation? Don’t we think that he has the perfect recipe already out there for us!

When I say this, I quite certainly remember about spending time on simple things that make you happy rather than being a city-chaser.

Is it always about being a perfectionist in the career you choose, or a perfect match, or a perfect 10 beauty queen, or a super momma? Or an ideal spouse? Or a child who has fulfilled the dreams of parents? Or getting an “A”?

Hey! Are we judging and rating our own selves (and not to forget others too) out here? Do we really have to? Doesn’t that make us unhappy from within, and then we tend to lock our true self into a big black box whose key is hidden in our mouth. The answer to all this our heart knows but quite often forget as we keep blindly venturing our life journey and not paying attention to the lessons learned,..This is when we go CHOP, CHOP, and CHOP...That’s when the pain is severe.

Life isn’t about the perfect scores, or about being an ace. It’s about peeling every layer of what you are made of, it’s about chopping and cutting off what is not required and keeping only of what’s needed for your betterment; it’s about going in circles sometimes. It’s about having some heartbreaks and making mistakes, it’s about getting disheartened if things didn’t go your way, but at the same time feeling fuller and happy because you enjoyed every moment during that exploration you had. It’s about what that journey taught you, it’s about learning things the hard way and realizing that the point is ultimately to rise each time you have a fall. It’s about never quitting, doing things that keeps your spirits high and finally someday realizing your inner happiness-that money, position, power, status and the world can’t buy.

Inner happiness is about being true, and doing justice to you. It’s about exploring your inner potentials. It’s about developing your own value systems that suits you.Remember! You are not here to please people around you. Your one true mission here on earth is finding your “own” perfect recipe to making your life complete.

There are no gurus who will give you mantras to this, there are no hidden facts,there is nothing written in your horoscopes or destiny, not even something called “Born lucky”, nor rocket science behind exploring your mystery.

Source: Nirmala Niketan College Magazine


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