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Tripti Kundnani

What is meditation? To sit comfortably, close your eyes and allow the thoughts to flow freely. Just the way we shower every day to maintain physical hygiene, what do we do for mental hygiene? There are uncountable thoughts and emotions that clog our minds every day. Meditation helps to filter these thoughts and attain mental cleanliness.

Speaking at a general level, it helps to be more stable and in control of ourselves. Only when one is in control  of themselves, can they focus on their relationships and the people around them. Coming more specifically to the workplace, meditation is a necessity. In today’s world, with higher levels of demand and workplace stress, the restlessness and anxiety levels are also on the rise. People die at such young ages with cardiovascular attacks and other issues all due to increasing stress. In many organizations,  most employees end up taking a smoke to ‘release’ their undergoing anxiety and stress.  But the paradox here is that research has shown that people have taken up meditation to quit smoking. n one study done by mindworks, a group of smokers were subjected to two years of Transcendental Meditation (TM). 51% of the participants quit smoking within the 2 years, while 30% reduced their frequency of smoking significantly. These results were far better than those of the control group. A meta-analysis of studies on different programs designed to help quit smoking showed that the positive effect of Transcendental Meditation was 2-5 times larger than for other programs

The mind conditions itself to think that a cigarette will help to counter stress whereas it is actually the power of the mind that counters the stress. The cigarette is merely a substance like any other.  This implies the power of the mind. Meditation makes the mind stronger and increases self control.

Organizations must make it a compulsory practice on an everyday basis for their employees. The only time most people close their eyes is to sleep. When asked to close them for even 2 minutes, they are so restless or anxious. Meditation helps to overcome this anxiety and restlessness and this in turn leads to one being more efficient and handling workplace stress in a better manner. Workplace stress is inevitable but how one counters it is the question. Meditation is a budget free way to handling oneself at the workplace and even in life. Research has shown many entrepreneurs and employees talk about the life changing impact that meditation has had on them. study published in Consciousness and Cognition found that brief meditation training improved cognition. The researchers placed individuals into a treatment group that received four sessions of meditation or an active control group that received no mindfulness meditation. Participants in the meditation group demonstrated higher measures of mood, better verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and an improved ability to hold and manipulate information in their heads. Entrepreneurs need to be able to think quickly and process multiple pieces of information at the same time. Mindfulness meditation will help you increase your focus and ability to think with a sense of clarity that leads to improved decision-making. If brief meditation can improve cognition, imagine what a disciplined practice could do.

One would do anything to be productive right? This is the simplest method to adopt for increased productivity. Since one is in more control and clarity, they solve problems and work faster leading to increased productivity. This helps in attaining higher levels of work satisfaction which leads to overall contentment at work. It is a cycle that begins with just one step of closing the eyes and being with oneself.  One should adopt this method over all others because it is easy, natural and causes no harm. It is difficult in the start, like anything new that one takes up. But over time, its benefits can be seen once it becomes a daily practice.

Apart from the workplace, meditation has worked wonders in all aspects of life. Talking from my own experiences, knowing how to just sit with yourself, healing your own grief and connecting within are things that are not just said, they actually do happen. I owe so much of my life right now to it.

 And lastly, we work and struggle so much to be happy, to provide for ourselves, to be stress free and positive in our lives. Why not spend a few minutes every day for your own mental health and inner joy?


Source: Transcendental Meditation




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