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Work Place Gossip



Work Place Gossip

Neha Mendon


Work place gossip is a situation which is common in most of the workplaces. But it is up to us on how we can avoid such gossips.


Learning to avoid the gossip and the negativity which comes with it is vital for our own mental health as well as the company’s growth.

There will be people in the office that will come to you and start gossiping or tell you something about a colleague.

When people spend time together at work, there is bound to some issues with one another.


You can deal with them by politely leaving the conversation by telling them you'd rather not talk about it or pretend you don't have any opinions on the subject. Don't get sucked into the gossip. There is a good chance that this person will share what you said with other people and that can have major issues between people you are working with.


Wanting to know a particular gossip and participate in it is a natural human tendency.
There are two types of people; the ones who just keep gossiping about other people and the ones who keep talking negative about everything in the workplace.

It is essential to avoid both.



If a co-worker is trying to engage you in something which you don’t want to be a part of learn to walk away from it .Separate yourself from the negativity that’s flowing around the office and refuse to be a party to the gossip. Dont spread the news you overhear so that at least from your end you are trying to limit the gossip and avoiding the negativity. If you’re trying to work and some Co worker is disturbing you with the negativity and gossip remove yourself from the situation so at least your productivity is not affected.


Let your work do the talking for you. When someone at work instigates you to lose your temper take a moment to cool down before answering back.

There will always be people you will want to waste time, gossip and create negativity

One must always learn to avoid such people and their gossips for own mental peace and growth keeping the productivity at the maximum.



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