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Reading Shapes Your Life – Here’s How!



Open a Book, Open your Mind!

So, let’s begin with the basic definition of Reading: Reading is a complex cognitive process of decoding symbols to derive meaning. It is a form of Language Processing. Reading is a means for language acquisition, communication, and, sharing information and ideas.

Over the years of academics – school, college and university – we have been taught to read, but it usually narrows down to textbooks which limits the amount of knowledge one can gain. Text book content is usually not applicable in real life, except the passing marks that it gives to the student and that doesn’t help anyone grow in any manner.

Another mindset which is associated with reading is that, you only need to do it to ‘learn’ something. While reading is an information gaining activity for increased learning, it’s not necessary to just limit it to that. Once you find the right book to read, you will be engaged and be transported to a fictitious world full of imagination, fun and alleviation. Hence, reading should be more like a hobby rather than a compulsive habit.

Now, once we have the perspective of Reading in place, here are 3 reasons as to why Reading shapes your Life:
1. Increased Awareness:
First thing, the aspect of awareness has got nothing to do with learning. It is more about being with the present environment. Reading news, magazines, articles, reports, and knowledge books which can help you stay updated about the current happenings. It will help you talk about relevant facts and figures, and, shape a conversation in a manner that people will take more interest in speaking with you!

2. Improve Yourself: 
The moment you start reading, you somewhere begin to compare your current self with the person you have visualized yourself to be. With reading comes the virtue to change yourself for good. The more you are aware, the more you know what you have to work on to become a better version of yourself, as well as become better than others in such a competitive world. Also, if reading is like a break or an escape for you, you will feel relaxed and more energized for the consecutive tasks.

3. Idea Bank: 
Ideas of a new plan, new trip, new work goals, new habits and many other new new things can only arise if you ‘read’ and grasp information which interests you. Imagine, if you didn’t read about or watch a video about Bungee Jumping, would it ever be a part of your bucket list? Or say, if you didn’t read about what your competitor is up to, would you think of innovative ways to be better than them? No right, hence: Reading is the Key!

So, these were the main reasons why ‘Reading’ in many ways shapes your personality, eventually, and its only for the good most. Hence, make sure you read something, anything that interest you for at least 20 Minutes in a day: 20 Minutes Reading a Day, Keeps Failure Away!

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