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7 Powerful Practices That Can Turn Your Life Towards Success



We all know the importance of goals and success. We all set goals to achieve success.
 Being successful means the achievement of desired visions and planned goals.

How to define success in life?
It is very important that one exactly knows how to define success in life! One must make himself aware what accomplishment, success, and prosperity in general means to his/her life. Some might define success as having luxurious cars and a huge mansion, whereas others consider a life full of joy and happiness with their family as the true meaning of success. Once you have figured out what is important for you personally you are able to focus on your visions and goals.

Success is a hard nut to crack but not impossible to achieve — if you are sharp on your focus, dedication and hard work. So, how do you think the legendary people who have, or are changing the world treaded the route to success?
Well, at their core they are simple human beings, but it’s their commitment to success and a bunch of great habits that have made them the “greats” that they are today.

Here are the seven powerful habits which will put you on the road to success:

1)      An early rise
Waking up early is tough – but there’s nothing quiet like the silence and peace of the morning.
People who are “early birds” have greater levels of happiness and are at a lower risk of depression compared to those who are “night owls”.
Early rising is one of the most common among the powerful habits. It’s great to start your day early and you will always have more time to work when you set the alarm for 7 a.m. or earlier than 7 a.m. rather than getting up at 10 a.m. and later.

The morning assures a certain kind of unmatched freshness that re-energizes the mood and makes you better prepared for taking on tasks and challenges ahead- with a positive note. A late rise fills you with lethargy, eating on your drive to work which leads to making you feel tired all day even after that long hours of sleep.

2)      To-do list and prioritization
All projects—especially large, complex projects—need clear priorities. There is a constant tension between the urgent and the important. And because the important things seldom need to be done today—and the urgent almost always do—there is a critical need to learn how to set proper priorities so that our visions, goals and desires can be met more effectively. Improper time management or no organization can make one slip out on one or two important tasks that needs to be completed. Thus, it’s always smarter to maintain a to-do list for everyday so that you are always updated on what to do and when. Moreover, one must learn the habit of prioritization here. It implies scheduling the tasks in order of emergency so that you never fail on the set deadlines.

3)      Increased learning and networking
As an entrepreneur, the benefits of networking are critical to one’s personal growth and business development. The world is evolving at a faster pace and the more one gets acquainted with the upgraded trends of the industry, the more dynamic and welcoming presentations will be. Thus, one must grow the habit of increased learning.
For effective learning one can gather whatever article, column, journal, book, website, podcast or speeches one can about the trade.

4)      Take calculated risks
When it comes to taking risks, there's something to be said for trusting your gut. But too many people confuse a gut instinct with fear.
But you can't calculate risk based on your level of fear. Instead, it's important to assess the actual level of risk by examining the facts. Create a list of the pros and cons and the potential risks versus benefits. You must develop the habit of taking calculated risks so that even if you fail, you always have a Plan B to lessen the impact and another way to move forward.

5)      Exercise
Want to feel better, have more energy and even add years to your life? Just exercise.
A regular exercise routine keeps your metabolism high, supplying you with increased energy to go on with the assignments lying ahead. It also keeps your memory and cognitive functions active. Exercise keeps you charged and refreshed to strive forward with dedication, focus and stamina.

6)       Healthy lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle is one which helps to keep and improve your health and well-being. No matter how much you work, if you are not taking care of your health, you won’t be able to fully explore your talents and potential. Therefore, you must cultivate a healthy lifestyle, supported by a balanced diet, adequate rest and enough sleep so that you can gather immunity from diseases and develop the needed strength to think fast and work hard.
7)      Meditation
Meditation" and "mindfulness" are buzzwords these days for good reason. A successful life isn’t possible if you are too depressed or bogged down. You can’t avoid pressure or stress, but what you can do is to prevent them from affecting your happiness. A habit of regular meditation for 15 minutes, every day, would calm your mind and keep you stress-free.
These habits can’t be attained overnight. It might look too strenuous initially — but never give up and keep on trying.



-          Neha Mendon



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