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10 Things Mom Was Right About



10 Things Mom Was Right About

“Mom is always Right!!” is a Universal Fact that most of us believe in.

It is always said that “Mothers have your best interests at heart.”

Back when we were young and stubborn, it pained us to admit the times when our mother was right about things. As we grew older, we came to accept these tokens of wisdom from the woman who brought us into this world.

Your entire childhood and all your youth, everyone has always told you to listen to your mom and always take her advice. "Just wait," they'd say, "one day you'll see that this whole time, she really did know what she was talking about." Blah, blah, blah. I couldn't even count how many times I'd heard that. I was constantly coming up with excuses about why mom couldn't possibly understand what was going on in my life because when she was my age, everything was just so different for her. I argued that she and I have totally different personalities, so there's no way she could know what I was thinking or what I was going to do before I did it, like she claimed. I'd try to say she didn't know what she was talking about when she told me I'd be better off to stay out of certain situations because I didn't think she'd ever been in them before, so she couldn't know what I should do.

When you reach a certain point in life, you realize that your mom was right about a lot of things. Moms have some totally unusual pieces of advice that may or may not actually be smart to follow. But somewhere all those little advices are legitimately useful life tips she doled out over the years. Most of them are useful to all of us in our professional life in some way or the other.

So, here is a list of those sweet things my mother was right about…

1. You’re never fully dressed without a smile
As a teenager in school days when going to school was depressing where I used to look bored and disinterested at any point in time and at times crib about waking up in the morning ,more often than not while leaving the house mom would always say “you aren’t fully dressed.” That was her way of saying that my face was lacking that smile.
When I recollect that statement of her today and connect with my professional life, I realise that she was so right. I realise that a smile really does complete you. It sets your mood and opens you to positive interactions throughout your day.

2. Those friends she didn’t like
Mothers are sceptical about the group of friends we choose in our Teenage Days. Maybe it was the fact that one specific friend was never genuinely happy for me or that she only hung out with me when it seemed convenient, but my mom warned me about her, and it took years of her hurting my feelings to finally accept it. Although I’m not sure whether it’s my mom’s intuition or her wisdom that explains her knowledge, she never fails to have an answer for everything and an accurate judge of character for everyone. Probably with the fact that it is the only time we are developing and learning things. And it is true that most of our basic life learnings are based on the friends we choose.
My mother has always been a character reader and trust me, those couple of friends that she liked are still my friends today!!

3. Don't let it bother you as sometimes the bad things can be good.
All the mothers wish to bring out the best in us. Mothers usually are the motivators for everything that we step ahead for.
My mother taught me to not let things bother me much if there is some better outcome for whatever I step in. Today it seems to be so true not just being a working professional but overall too. This lesson from your mother will keep you motivated to look out for better things in the bad ones.

4. Be honest no matter how brutal things might be
Mom taught me to believe that there’s great power in brutal honesty — especially when it’s directed towards yourself. Mom always taught to stick to being honest in every situation which has helped me as an individual to a greater extent so far and I am sure is the best possible advice ever given to me.

5. Busy work has a point
I distinctly remember a mandatory college course with projects that had no relation to my major, and no clear purpose other than taking up time. I moped about the work being pointless and a waste of time, but my complaints were met with opposition.
Mom always told me that this was an exercise in persistence. All I could see then, was how this project was a waste of my time, it wasn’t accomplishing anything, and I wasn’t learning anything new but simply did it because it had marks.

Now I see, that I learned to endure. I learned how to press on when things seemed pointless and this is a trait that serves you well in many areas of adult life.

6. Always put a little money away 
This is the most important lesson of our lives that are usually taught by most of the mothers. You never know when you might need money in a difficult situation was what mom always said which made me realise, she was so right when I actually faced a similar situation which made me realize the value for money,thinking about times when I overspent it.

7. The importance of kindness
Mothers are kind to everyone. Be it friends, foes, dogs, cats, frenemies or the house help. Her kindness manifests itself in the generous hospitality she extends to anyone who visits the house. Isn't she the one who taught us to be kind towards those who are less fortunate than us? So is my mother.

8.Forgiveness is a strength
My friend taking credit for my idea at work is infuriating, and my mom telling me to forgive him/her was incomprehensible. How could I forgive someone for doing something so blatantly wrong? I honestly couldn’t at the time — and let the bitterness stake claim to my thoughts and interfere with my trust in other co-workers.
Our reactions to situations aren’t always ideal, but our approach to them can be. While holding on to how upset you are with someone will fuel you, letting go of the toxic feeling will free you. Do yourself (and your mind) a favour by accepting that life happens, and that forgiving people is an essential part of it.

9.Everything will fall into place
During the lowest points of my life, the reassurances from my mom always seemed to come right before my major breakthroughs. Regardless of how sticky the situation seemed to be, she never showed her panic or worry — call it a mom trait, but she saw my abilities (before I could) and believed in them (even more than I did).

Although your moments of running headfirst into brick walls and experiencing lengths of time where you’ll feel the world caving in aren’t over, you’ll survive — and your mom will be cheering you on as you do so.


10.Your curfew will save your life
If I’m ever out too late, I can’t help but hear my mom’s voice calling from the kitchen as she reminds me that it’s important to be home early to get enough sleep. As annoying as this statement was at every point in my life, it’s now the one I don’t have to be told twice.
We tend to label our mom’s advice as overprotective, it becomes more and more apparent (as we grow older) that her remarks are actually filled with experience. Overall, sleep is for the people who want to function in the morning, and your mom trying to enforce this habit in you at a young age meant she (once again) always knows best.

                                                                                                                                           -  Alefiya Balasinorwala

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