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How to keep clients and candidates engaged



                            How to keep clients and candidates engaged

In the current scenario it is obvious that clients and candidates are the lifeline of any business and it is important to keep them engaged. Engagement can be considered as both actionable as well as measurable.

One might want to try and measure the same by the numbers that would be churned out as a result of these actions.

Did you know that the best candidates are on the market for only 10 days? Where did you get this information? And yet, the average time to hire takes almost 24 days. This is why it is essential to keep candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process.

So, how is it that one can be kept engaged, well here are a few tips;

Confirmation emails: Doesn’t one feel nice when one receives an acknowledgement on an email? DO that and see what wonders it has on work

Respond to queries: Candidates mostly have a lot of questions about the role itself, about the application process or the timeline between applying and hiring. So figure out what the most common questions will be and craft answers that the chatbot can supply and have a process in place if the candidate’s question wasn’t answered satisfactorily – that the question then gets routed to a human who can answer it.

Convey and receive feedback: Provide feedback to candidates who have made it further in the process on the same day they are interviewed. It really does work to your advantage to make the effort to provide timely feedback. This will not only ensure candidate engagement but other positives like positions will be filled faster.

Create an engaging pre-selection process: You need to find a way to select candidates for the next round quickly and without much intervention from your side. However, you still want to keep the process engaging.

You can create an online assessment that will help the candidates to learn more about your organization and, at the same time, provide you with valuable data about the candidates. To have a good response to candidates on regular basis its important to have a right connect with Clients as well, following would be the importance of having a good engagement and support from clients this is best what can be done

On the other hand to have a good response to candidates on regular basis its important to have a right connect with Clients as well, following would be the importance of having a good engagement and support from clients this is best what can be done.

Begin with their goals:

The most important thing to discuss with a client is their goals. Once you know of their vision and mission it is easier to understand what goals they hope to achieve with this hire, and the qualities of their best possible employee.

Understand the depth of their business

You need to know about the industry to understand the company’s culture and goals. Be up to date with the news about the industry and the happenings of today. You can anticipate hiring needs as well as discover common problems, how to determine who is most qualified in their field.

List questions to clients

Some clients may be more than willing to jump right in and offer you much more than you would ask for, but others may appreciate it if you show them you mean to be brief.

Keep connecting

Stay in touch with the recruited candidate and see how he is doing , ask them about their training, professional schedules, and on-boarding plans for future, then let them know your thoughts.

Personal Connect to an extent can help

People usually open up to people who open up to them. If you want to get your client talking to you about their goals, company culture, management strategies, and viewpoints on hiring, it may help to just talk to them. Tell them about your ideas and strategies. Relate how you got into recruiting, talk about things in your life or your work day according your comfort level.

Visit the client.

Its always better to visit the client that you are working with It would be helpful. You could get an in-depth view of what the staff, environment, and culture is like for the company you are hiring which will give you  a 3-dimensional view. This is also an excellent way to show the client your interest in their business.

Both clients and candidates are important to any recruitment firm and hence keeping both of the parties engaged and involved is the key to success.

                                                                                                                                                   -  Sera Pinto


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