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Leadership & Line Hiring - Multinational Insurance Broker

One of the most challenging assignments that Talent Discoveri has bagged so far has been the exclusive mandate to help the Client, a leading name in worldwide insurance broking market to help in hiring Leadership and Line Heads in India.

The Challenge was to identify the right “Culturally” fit team to come on board.
For this assignment team Talent Discoveri brought in-depth understanding of the market conditions and strategic talent issues faced by the industry, functions and geography. Our team approached each engagement with tailored expertise to bring in the most relevant resources to the table. In the whole process we were very mindful with the candidates and client, maintaining respect, trust and transparency at all times. This assignment was a real test for team Talent Discoveri and has remained one of the most special in our hearts. Our unique science approach helps us onboarding the entire leadership team and line managers for our client.

Head - Liability Underwriting – Leading Insurer

While hiring for senior management, headhunting is a vital part of the recruitment process. A structured approach and innovation is key to identify the right candidates.

In 2008 TDC was assigned a niche mandate with some strict Do’s & don’ts. The market for the Liability business was very new and not many specialists were present in the market. Since these species were rare and there was no room for error in the selection, Krunal looked at head hunting. With prior work experience in the Liability domain and excellent market connect; Krunal had engaged prospects with the exact experience and relevant skills aligning to the clients needs. Her 100 percent dedication to this and groundbreaking assessments of the prospects helped us discover the right talent for our client. Krunal was involved in the negotiation process until the candidate was onboard. This was part of the first few major triumphs for team Talent Discoveri.

Head Claims / Head Reinsurance – Leading Insurer

Talent Discoveri was given the above-mentioned mandates together. The challenge was to find the suitable candidate with a view to restructure both the verticals.

The Client had specific requirements with respect to experience, roles & responsibility and compensation. The approach was very different since the client wanted us to work on it very discreetly. Therefore, the Leadership Hiring Team at Talent Discoveri did the mapping for the relevant prospects on both Claims & Reinsurance. A detailed synopsis of each prospect was then presented to the client.

After multiple rounds of interviews within the group final 3 were shortlisted for the CTC negotiation process. Mr. Abhishek Sharma from team was leading this assignment and was involved in all negotiations. His approach to engage candidates in negotiations and drill deep had proven successful. His thoughts aligned with the clients and resulted in successfully closing both the mandates.

Business Head – Composite Insurance Broker

Finding a business head for a large business conglomerate with diversified interest in the Insurance broking business may sound like a cake walk but with a difficult market situation like exit of multiple senior management people, it becomes difficult to rope in senior management for discussion.

TDC had been assigned this extremely confidential and difficult mandate to work on in 2009. The task was to identify an aggressive and mature leader who would spearhead both the Direct & Reinsurance business. Aligning the Client philosophy of hiring only aggressive professionals at all levels, TDC was very careful to pick up only like-minded prospects.

Team TDC identified and engaged 4 strong prospects. After discussing the role and career prospect, team Talent Discoveri brought them to the interview table. The uphill task was on the business planning which needs to be submitted by the shortlisted prospect, as there had been some disconnect on the figures. With continuous monitoring and discussions at both ends, Leadership hiring team at TDC ensured that there were no gaps and that helped both the candidate and the client to come to a positive conclusion.

Next task was on the CTC Negotiation, as there were gaps in the expectation v/s offer, however TDC made sure that proper communication be maintained and with a win-win situation on CTC, the mandate was closed successfully.

Generating Change- Wake up call to hire Future Talent

This Assignment was always close to heart for Leadership team at Talent Discoveri. With 49% regulation, this “sunshine” industry faces greater challenges than ever before: tighter regulation, more demanding consumers, disruptive new players, and increasingly complex market challenges. As the pace in these areas accelerates; the need for skilled manpower for the industry is needed more today than ever. One of Talent Discoveri’s clients realized this and gave us the mandates to hire top professionals in sales and servicing across major locations in India. This was the first time Talent Discoveri was working in all parts of the country for multiple functional and geographical hiring. This hiring required a sophisticated blend and the subtle art of human relations and insightful experience to ascertain true fit. A core team was identified to complete this project. The team identified a six way recruiting process. Outline requirements, Build a candidate pool, Screen the candidates, Arrive at shortlists, Assess the finalist and Talent Discoveri feedback. This detailed process helped us to not only release the right set of candidates but also successfully close the search with 21 people across India.

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